Two pullets? 10 weeks old (updated pics)


8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
You might want to get better pictures of them showing the backs and heads better, but the one that has a redder comb and wattles sure looks to have saddle and boy tail feathers coming in.
If possible, could you post side-profile photos, and close-up photos of the back and head? It is difficult to tell the gender based on your photos. Also, how old are they?
They both appear to be pullets to me but the bird on the right does have a tail more like a cockerel and my boys have a much bigger comb and wattles at the age they look to be. They appear to be around 12 weeks old.

I have had pullets with tails that have curled like that a been girls, and these two show no signs of hackles?

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