Two Roosters - fighting - what to do

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Lydia77, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Lydia77

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    I have two roosters, the more dominant rooster was here before any of my hens and he is a little older. The other rooster, we thought was a buff orpington hen (Goldilocks) turns out she is a he! So the older rooster apparantly attacked Goldilocks during the night or early this morning before I let them out of the coop. Goldilocks had blood on one side of her face and looked pretty ruff. I cleaned her/him up and put some vaseline on her boo boo. Now ...... what should I do? Will the two of them work it out or should I separate them. I really have no place to relocate one of them to but if it's what I have to do then I will getterdone! Please give me some good advice.... I really care about my chickens and don't want anyone to get hurt.
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    In my opinion...with the hens being present, they will continue to fight. It will get even worse when the days get longer and the male vigor revs up. It doesn't take a lot to keep them...just some chicken wire and a door. The biggest hassle is another food and water to deal with. If you allow them to try and work it out...injuries could get worse.

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    Thanks so much ... your comment is very helpful!
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    How many hens do you have, and how much space? Is there any free ranging time?

    Unfortunately, there's no set answer. More hens means more mating opportunity per rooster, so a better chance of them getting along. More space is always better, they can get out of each other's way. Free ranging means they can get out of each other's sight, even better.

    No one can predict what your two particular birds will do. Since blood has been drawn, chances are it will be again. I'd consider rehoming one of the roosters, or making a separate coop for one of them.
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    Thanks for your reply, it's very much appreciated.. I have 11 hens with the 2 roosters. It has been a few weeks since the fight and I think I've got them under control. I have two roosts in the coop and the old rooster sleeps on one with 8 hens, the young rooster sleeps on the other with the 3 hens he was raised with. I put a sheet up which separates the two roosts. In the morning, when I open the coop, I go in the back and remove the young rooster and place him out in the yard. They free range all day, so it's working pretty good now. I do however, get lots of entertainment during the day when I look outside and see the old rooster chasing the young rooster. They have not gotten into anymore fights .... I do believe that the young one knows his place now, even though he loves to sneak behind the wood pile with a cute little hen whenever he gets the chance .... he's always lookin over his shoulder for Old Rooster Cogburn!
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    Jan 2, 2014
    Twice the hens may fix the issue. I have 6 roosters to about ninety hens. Another option is dinner.
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    No! Not dinner!!!!
  8. ChickenCurt

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    Jan 2, 2014
    More hens it to you and your roos. ;)
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    I have 12 roosters with like 16 hens, Never had a problems with them but they are free ranging and the roosters will find their own breeds of hens and they will stick with them.
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    Sep 3, 2013
    I am having the same issue right now I have had them since there were little chicks and now this past month all of a sudden my one rooster who never was the dominant one necessarily he started attacking my other one to the point he ripped the spur off his leg :( I think it's to the point I need to get rid of him I just hope it won't affect my hens because he does protect them. Any advise ? I didn't know if someone would take him like a farm or something ?

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