Two Roosters what should I do?

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Mar 9, 2012
Weatherford, Tx.
I got my first chickens in march they where all pullets or so I thought now one is crowing and the other has a large upright tail and the cone seems to be getting bigger by the day.. I guess my question is what should I do I live in NorthTtexas and dont really want to just give him away do to the fact that I am scared that some one will make him fight or just not treat him right.. I am attached because I raised them from 1 day old so some one Please Help???
I have 2 roosters and 12 hens. All is well EXCEPT one little cochin that is overmated. The roos have never fought. You can allways see how it works for you and your flock. You can allways send a Roo to freezer camp or Craigslist later if you have problems.
i'd keep em both until you start to have trouble...... then pick the best 1 to keep and have chicken soup with the other!!! who knows, you might never have trouble and can keep em both.......
I am in N Texas also so I know what you mean.

Is there a reason you can't keep them? If you can I would keep them all. they should all get along being as they are being raised together.
The Silkie looks rooish to me looks like there is a little red in there.
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