Two rows of nest boxes?

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    Apr 19, 2009
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    We're building an A-frame coop for our dozen chickens. Here is a really bad picture (sorry, it was taken at night) of the frame to sort of give you an idea.


    The apex of the roof is about 7 feet tall. About half of the structure is the coop and the other half is a run. It's semi-portable (movable with some effort) so we'll be able to move it to fresh grass from time to time, and I also intend on letting the chickens out into the yard occasionally.

    Anyway, my husband is putting a row of nest boxes around the inside of the coop section at about knee level. It seems to me to be an awful waste of space, since there is all of that room above that, but if we put in a second row of nest boxes, do you think the chickens would be able to reach them?

    Thanks, everyone!
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    You only need one nest box per 5 chickens.. 3 boxes will be plenty for you.

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