Two week old chick not walking well, any idea what I should do?


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Mar 11, 2013
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I have four little Barnevelder chicks, they'll be two weeks old tomorrow and have been 100% fine until now. One of them is limping when it walks, and I'm really worried. I checked its feet and legs and nothing looks different, and it let me flex and bend everything without complaint. It's eating, drinking, preening, and eliminating just fine, it seems completely alert, but it goes to the far end of the brooder and sleeps away from its siblings as of today. I haven't seen them picking on the limping chick, and when I let it walk around on the floor it really looked like it was stepping on its own feet. Any ideas, please? These are my first chicks and I'm worried.
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If she goes to the end of the brooder, is she too hot from the lamp if you're using one? Make some chick feed mush. It seems that some chicks on medicated feed get a thiamine deficiency, so get some vitamins with B vitamins.

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