Two week old chick with a splayed leg?


8 Years
Oct 8, 2014
Central Texas
Almost two weeks ago, I hatched my first successful incubator hatch, with 19 chicks hatching. All of the chicks were healthy, save for one chick who was unable to flip over whenever it would accidentally fall onto it's back. That chick looked hopeful that he'd pull out of it, but he ended up dying a few days later. Nobody else had any issues. No crooked feet, no splayed legs, nothing. I made to specially check for these things soon after they were up and on their feet, so I could quickly fix any issues. Well, yesterday, one of the chicks started splaying one leg. Yesterday it wasn't all that bad, and now today, it's at a 90 degree angle from how it should be positioned. I'm thinking it may be a nutritional issue since the chick started splaying once it was older, but I'm not sure what kind of nutritional issue. They were all placed in a plastic tub with a thick layer of cedar shavings. They were also given fresh filtered water and medicated chick feed. I believed the feed is Purina, but I could be wrong since I just started using this brand not too long ago. I can get the nutritional values if needed. I've given them some vitamin/electrolyte water today to see if maybe that helps her, but I want to know if there's anything else I can do. I noticed that the splayed chick is having a bit of a time navigating around on the slippery shavings, so should I move them over to a wire bottomed cage?

And again, I repeat, none of them had splayed legs at hatch or for the following week after hatching. This is not something I just didn't notice.

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