Tylan or AUREOMYCIN? Which is better for CRD?


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My neighbor bought some chickens from someone she didn't know ,. who buys at auctions and resells,. . she did not quarantine. the new birds were sick,.runny nose, coughing, bubble eyes, skinny and weak. I had originally advised Tylan,.. but it's too expensive. She put them on Duramyacin but it isn't clearing it up,.. so I am asking ya'll. She bought some Aureomycin and wants to try it now,.. I am not a big antibiotic user,. so I told her to hold off until I asked some of those that had used it before just giving another antibiotic.
Any advise?
Tylan 50 injectable. Best if injected, but can be given orally. It's only around $10 a bottle around here. (that'll last quite some time...just keep it sterile using sterile needles/syringes each time)

These birds, once recovered, will be carriers...will infect new birds...and may (or may not) have 'flare ups' under stress. (molting, weather changes, etc.)
They may seem perfectly healthy once recovered, but WILL be carriers.

The incubation time can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on what it is. (MG, for instance, is a slow mover... can take 6-20 days to show symptoms...can move SLOWLY through a flock. The symptoms are very MG like, but other CRD illnesses can share the same symptoms)

I wouldn't waste my time on Duramyacin or Aureomycin. It'll be just that, waste of time/money. They do very poorly on respiratory illnesses, despite what they say they treat.
You want Tylan or Baytril. (but Baytril is vet Rx only and much more expensive)
Also, you should be VERY careful with biosecurity... this can easily be tracked home to your birds on clothing/shoes. Don't visit them and then tend to your flock with the same shoes/clothing. Don't allow your neighbor to visit wearing clothing/shoes that have been near her birds or where her birds are kept. Pretty much from here on out... period.
If you have a clean, healthy flock, you do not want them to get infected.
Thanks so very much,.. I agree about bio security issue,. and have already explained as much to her,...there are several homes in our rural neighborhood with chickens and I am afraid this could be bad for all of us,. I would cull the new birds and have offered my DH to do it for her,. but she doesn't seem to get the seriousness of the situation. She doesn't feel able to inject and the soluble Tylan was what she wanted but the best price we can find is close to $50.00,.
I'm not sure I want to offer to inject ,.. don't want to risk contaminating my birds or get into the routine of doing this for her,.. I want to help and I feel badly for her. ,..but really believe they need to be culled,..
Well, if she didn't quarantine, her entire flock has been exposed and will surely come down with it, too. It won't just be culling the new birds...
She should be made aware that no live bird should ever leave her property...no chicks, no sales, no hatching eggs. It's the only responsible thing to do, IMO, to prevent infection other clean flocks.

She can give Tylan 50 injectable by mouth... this, IMO, would STILL be more effective than the other stuff she's giving.
If she can get over the nerves/"eww factor" of giving injections, it's by FAR easier to inject it than it is to give orally and take care to get past the trachea so they don't aspirate. They don't even flinch...

Hopefully, she come to understand the biosecurity issues and the importance of it. If she doesn't want to cull, fine...but take great care not to spread the disease to others... ever. She should know, though, that these things fall under CRD (CHRONIC respiratory disease) because...well, they are CHRONIC. You don't "cure" them. Sure, they may begin to act healthy again with treatment, but they are still infectious and may relapse into symptoms again at any time. It can get time consuming and costly to repeatedly care for an infected flock...and there isn't one day, no matter if they're symptomatic or not, that she can neglect biosecurity to prevent it's spread.
I agree completely with everything,.. but she just doesn't want to listen. I DID inject her hens yesterday and will be heading over there before church today and again tomorrow.
she insists that they don't have CRD but just a cold or sinus infection,.. which may be true,.. I'm not a vet,.but my gut says otherwise,.. due to the fact that she got them from a man that buys at auctions and resells,.. who KNOWS where these poor hens have come from or where they've been,..they didn't clear up with one round of antibiotics,. and they are so thin,.. I was nervous about injecting ,even with a short needle,.. very little breast meat to inject.,. one so thin I just gave it in her skinny little thigh so I wouldn't go through her breast.
Anyway,.. she saw my incubator full of eggs and now she has decided to hatch eggs she gets from friends and sell the chicks,.. she could ruin a lot of flocks! I am going to pray and talk to her about it this morning,..
This is hard,.. she is not going to like what I have to say,.. and I don't even think she will head my advise,.. but I have to try! I may copy your post and mail it to her so she can see it.
Thanks,.. I'll post how it goes later,.. and think of a way to warn chicken people in my area.
You are a such good neighbor BayouPoules. I hope your neighbor sees the light and begins to understand what you're trying to teach her. I wish I had advice for you, but I don't.
Good luck.

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