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    May 2, 2010
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    My chickens free range all day each day unless I am going to be gone from the house and then I have a pen for them to be kept safely in. I put out supplemental feed and am wondering, I have been feeding them most recently food labeled for Broilers and Layers. Southern States offers a food labeled Breeders and Layers. Would I get better egg production from the breeders and layers? I don't need to plump mine up because they will never be food on our table. They are my pets as much as they are a egg supply. Love my girls!
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    I think they would be better off with the layer and breeder. I do believe a chicken at the right weight is more productive chicken, both in laying and foraging.
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    if they are laying hens then they should have layer food. Purina Mills is a good brand to buy.

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