Type of pekin bantam is this


7 Years
Jul 10, 2013
Sheffield UK
Just wondered what type they are


We bred them, well the eggs could of either been off her in the pick or this one

And these are what we hatched off

And she's my favourite
Very cute birds. Not Pekins though to the best of my knowledge. I believe they are mongrels (mutts, mixes, whatever), and looks like maybe Japanese bantam, Serama, Old English Game Bantam, and more, or something like that, maybe all of that and then some.

The rooster and the hen in the first 2 pics have strange wings, provided that actually is their primaries sticking out from under their secondaries (or vice versa)... I believe they're probably mixed breeds descended from culls from a breeder trying to remove those genetic faults. They're probably not serious faults, just renders them disqualified from showing.

But they're interesting looking birds, anyway. I'm very partial to mixes myself.

Best wishes.
Thank you, that's helped, they're at work and just wondered, I love crossing breeds to see what pretty things I get
None of them are Pekins, since those have feathered feet and yours don't. They look like various Old English Game Bantams or OEGB mixes. Cute birds!

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