Ugh more snow!

first time farmer

11 Years
Dec 31, 2008
New Hampshire
So yesterday was really nice here in NH. I let the chickens out to free range (on what little grass there was) cleaned the coop really good. It was about 60 degrees. I got spring fever. Than I woke up at 5 like I do every day for school. I go out to the coop collect eggs ect. than go eat and leave for school. But this morning I went out to the coop and there was about 3 inches of snow. I got home from school an hour and a hlaf ago and there was 8 inches on the ground and it was still coming down. Ugh i am so ready for spring!
Its been really nice here.. THen all of a sudden it is frozen in the mornings again.. And it is so so cold again.. I was just trying to get my planting area ready.. Now it is to cold out to stay out there long..

I wish it was warmer..
No more snow here, thank lord! I hate that stuff. Ugly and all black from the dirt.

we have been having a heat wave here...near 80's....getting alot done outside and the chickens are outside in my garden pecking around....been wonderful
Snowing all day here in Western Washington. Right now it looks like a blizzard. Have to go out in a few minutes. Wish it would get warm again. Oh Well! in a couple months.

praying to the sun god

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