Ugliest breeds of chickens and photos if you have them!

If I had an ugly breed, wait, why would I have it and photos of it?

I actually dislike very few breeds, if I usually consider something ugly I consider a strain of something as ugly, when thinking of a good example of the breed or color in comparison. And yes, in that, I do have such. I have a pet/layer Brahma hen who is very ugly compared to how a Brahma should be, but, she's still my pet and will stay here. No pics right now though.

I think pet-quality Rhode Island Reds, Silkies, Wyandottes, and Barred Rocks are ugly.
I had some pet-quality Wyandottes once, and I withstood them for a short while not because of their looks, no, but because they weren't very friendly to people nor birds and a few of them had physical deformities of which I only later found out about after much examination. When I finally "did the deed" I found out for sure what the deformities were.

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