Ugly Duckling (Gosling) Please help!

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    Dec 2, 2008
    OK i have had this goose/gosling for about 2 or so months...when i got him he weighed less than i brought him home and stuck him in with my birds (after quarentine) HE SEEMED FINE FOR A FEW DAYS BUT THEN I NOTICED THAT HE WAS ALWAYS LAST TO EAT, LAST TO DRINK, AND NEVER WHITH THE OTHER BIRDS and then he started loosing alot of weight and getting weak. So i moved him and one of the other goslings i had into a seperate pen away from all my other birds in hopes he would get better...he didnt...he stayed about the same. So i thought what if i just let him and his buddy free range (i live on a farm) so i let them both go and he started doing better and seemed happier...but then my turkey (who is also free ranging) tried mating with him and destroyed his back and hurt his right leg. so now i have this poor little goose in the seperate pen all by himself and he is still not doing better (i put bag balm on his injuries). How can i help him get better? Should i put the gosling back in with him or a duck or just leave him alone in the pen? (i think when i had the gosling in with him it was bullying him and thats why he didnt get better)

    So in a way he has become our ugly duckling because no body likes i am hoping that with time he will become a beautiful healthy goose...
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    Sorry for your poor ugly ducklingÂ… maybe that's his/her future as the farm outcast, until he/she gets old enough for you to introduce a mate. You just may have to let the gosling free-range and have its own little kennel at night, and let it see but not contact the bully birds. Good luck!

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