UH OH! May Have Created a Monster!


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May 24, 2016
Athens, Texas
I posted a thread yesterday, my 20 week old black sex link, Copper, laid the second egg of her life yesterday. There was lots of construction sound and commotion, and she sang the egg song three times and no egg. In the end, she required that I stand right in front of the next box and keep the other pullets at bay in order for her to actually lay her egg. Well, this morning, lots of squawking and egg songs and no eggs. Wouldn't you believe Copper followed me on my heels right to her next box, jumped in and 5 minutes later... *poof* an egg! There is no construction noise today but there is lawn mower roaring. I still had to keep the other pullets at bay for her to feel comfortable. Copper is the lowest in the pecking order, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. They are a pretty balanced flock, temperament wise (3 barred rocks and 3 black sex links - all 20 weeks), so not a drastic difference between the top and bottom of the pecking order.

Anyway, I know this is all new to her, but hopefully she'll go back to doing it without my protective assistance, like her first egg. I may have spoiled them just a bit too much!

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To be honest with you, she is doing normal chickens behaviour for a young hen. They will act nervous before they lay an egg, singing the egg song and jumping in and out of the nest boxes. She will lay the egg with or without you watching. The back ground noise has nothing to do with her behaviour.

She is a Chicken. Enjoy.
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Since Copper is the lowest in the pecking order, she probably does need "privacy" from the others while she lays her eggs.
She may be fearful of an attack when she is in a vulnerable state.
Same issues here this year-- some of my pullets tend to harass the ones that are already laying eggs.
They will pace up and down the plank that's in front of the next boxes, they will go into the nest box when someone is trying to lay, they will peck the laying pullet and try to boot her out. It's just normal chicken stuff.
Try some nest box curtains, they work!


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May 24, 2016
Athens, Texas
Thanks CluckerCottage! I thought about the curtains, but it's just been too hot here in Texas. Even with all the ventilation, the nature of the coop and nest boxes, it's naturally warmer than the rest of their chickdom. She's the first of the bunch to lay and the others are all showing imminent signs; red combs and wattles, big time submissive squats, etc. So, hopefully the others will kick into gear soon and leave her be. I think they are just super curious as she's not bullied by the others, but she is the lowest on the pecking order.

Like Chickens Really said, I just need to let her be a chicken and enjoy! I'm just a nervous mama hen!

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