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Jun 6, 2016
Middle Tennessee
So, weird story. Today, I went into my coop and saw my 5 month old BR quietly sitting in a nest box in the middle of the day and VERY determined not to leave. Immediately, I went on the defense and was all "Oooooh no ma'am you're not going broody on me!" (mind you, I'm newer to this and still learning....broodiness is something I've just read about) and I picked her up and put her under my arm to carry her to the run with the other girls. Well......that was when she proceeded to lay an egg while in my arms :eek: I was standing so it had a far fall before it hit the ground, but it didn't crack! Thank you oyster shells :clap I feel so bad though! Poor thing was just trying to lay an egg and it was only her second one ever! I hope I didn't traumatize her too much :lau Sorry, Peppa!
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