Uhoh standard size trying to mate bantam

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    I guess it was just a matter of time. My 15 week old lavender Orpington was mating my tiny 15 week old silkie. She's a third of his size if she's that big. I missed it. The kids came inside to tell me that Francis was on Topspins back.
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    I have found that the silkies can hold their own with the LF roos unless they are big boys. I have had some Orp boys that were so large that I did separate my silkies.

    Try to judge when he gets older if you think he will cause internal injuries to her. It might be fine. It is the smaller bantams I really worry over- like d'Uccles and Nankins where the hens are only 1.3 pounds. Silkie hens are about 2 lbs.

    Silkies are vulnerable to brain swelling if they get pecked on the head...so be cautious with your silkies but things might be fine as many many people have silkies mixed in with large fowl.

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