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6 Years
Sep 20, 2013
Grantham, Lincolnshire
Afternoon All,

After looking at BYC a few times I decided it was time to actually join up and get involved.

I've been keeping backyard chickens for about 10 months now.
Initially keeping 3 Serama hens and a cockerel... Unfortunately due to a fence breaking incident with a jack russell terrier, our flock was wiped out.

After a week of heavy thought, I decided that the garden was desolate without the clucking and wandering of chickens.
(My partner didn't want Serama's this time as our cockerel "Rahja" was very special to her)

So here we are, with a new flock comprising of 2 14wk old Pekin Cockerels, 3 14 wk old pekin hens, 6 10 wk old pekin hens (and a pair of white silkie hens belonging to our 13 yr old - kept in their own coop) ready to enjoy our time with feathered friends.

I'll get some pictures up at the weekend hopefully for people to coo over ;)

Looking forward to chatting with everyone :)

Hello, Dom, welcome to BYC. You are the epitome of 'chicken math' - 4 becomes 13 in a heartbeat.
Good luck with your new flock.
Hi Sourland.

We initially got the 6 ten wk old hens.
I decided that i wanted a rooster as we'd had before - and found a gent who was a little overcrowded with a creole 14 wk old for free.
After chatting with him I drove over to collect the rooster... But we got chatting, he then suggested that as he knew they would go to a caring home, if i would like another cockerel and 3 more hens :) I couldn't say no to that!

So in a heartbeat we gained 5 more pekins (luckily i had already ordered our second larger coop the week before)
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