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Feb 20, 2009

What is the consistency of duck poop actually supposed to be like? I find our Cayugas' to be fairly this an indicator of health issues?
Their behaviour is normal, and they are quite perky and, up until we had to pen all the birds recently, had been actively free-ranging all over our property. They seem to have fine appetites and have been drinking lots of water, and have also been bathing in the pool we've had set up for them. They're eating the same mash the chooks are and seem to have been doing fine with it, and have been getting supplemented with treats like veggies, brown basmati rice, etc (but amounts of those have been limited). They've also been getting rinsed out, dried eggshells for the calcium.
Any ideas, or is this normal?

Edited to add that they also get raw, organic, unfiltered ACV in their water.
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Runny..and stinky...perfectly normal

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