Um... hello steer!

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    We went out to our pasture to take care of our chickens this morning and found a steer in our north round pen. It had obviously been up and down the common driveway we share with our neighbors as well as through our pasture where our chicken tractors are. We thought at first that our neighbor had put it in there for some reason, but he says it isn't his. It looks like it belongs to the farm next door, but we can't figure out how it got over onto our place and locked into the pen.

    Update: My husband just called and said that apparently it does belong to the neighbor. I guess it somehow got out of its pen over there and someone found it wandering in the road. They herded it up through our place and into our northern pen. They must have put some effort into it because one of the gates on that pen was broken and they somehow secured it into place.
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    If it decides it likes you, it will be back.
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    [​IMG] You better watch out!!!
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    Hamburger time!

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