umm... it's a what??

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Momma_Cluck, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Jun 11, 2008
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    OK-- got a bunch of chicks from Ideal late last July-- all my Gals are full-grown and laying well now...

    BUT: What the Heck ARE my White gals?

    I got 2 that where supposed to be California Whites... but they never did, nor do they now, have any spots...!
    They are sleeker and smaller than my Rocks/Wyandottes/Aracaunas...
    They are all white, but up close, they have a gold/yellow tint to their head and neck feathers.. and they both have HUGE floppy combs!

    Not that this is REAL important, But I would like to figure out what breed they really are...
    I Know Ideal has one called an "Ideal" and that they often substitute those for the Californians... but that doesn't tell me much.

    These little gals are egg laying MACHINES! Each an egg a day-- often I find 3 in one day! (they are my only white egg layers).
    They are funny, quiet and very sweet birds... I want to know what to order to get more!

    Don't have a photo-- as my batteries are dead, and I have no transportation right now... but try to post one will this weekend.
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    They are probably Ideal 236 their crossbred super layer...they say that they can be substituted for several of the other leghorn types...
    They are basically what the commercial producers would use...that's why they lay like crazy! I hope they don't burn themselves out and actually last a while...i got one chick from a commercial hatchery, had curled toes i noticed while i was touring it [​IMG] she didn't last more than 2 yrs...they pump their whole being into eggs. High stress lifestyle I guess...

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