unballanced duckling


May 19, 2015
I rescued a duckling off of the side of the road. My friend saw the family get hit by a car and go flying. I found four squashed babies and one who looked absolutely fine, no obvious injury. I found him on his back kicking his feet. I bought him home and have been feeding him chick starter, electrolytes, and some Caro syrup for three days. He seems to be doing better, he can flip himself over and kick his legs. However, he is very lopsided. He can't really walk because he falls to one side and when he swims he droops to one side. I'm pretty sure the legs isn't broken/ dislocated as he can move is all around. Not sure if you have seen this before? maybe its neurological from when he got hit by the car? I think I'll try brewers yeast in addition, but any more suggestions? maybe some way to rehab his leg back to normal?
thank you,
Laura Egan
PS i don't think his air sac is punctured judging by the pictures on the internet, he is not swollen like that.


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Jan 3, 2010
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I think you are probably assessing the situation as well as any of us could - researchers are finding that recovery from traumatic brain injury is greatly helped by extremely nutritious diet.

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