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Apr 23, 2011
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A few days back, just at daylight, I thought I saw one of my ducks out of its box. I walked up to it and it flew off! So for the past few days ive been watching and I have a young Black duck hen landing and today she finally fed around with my ducks. She isnt approachable per'se....but she has fed to within 10 feet of me.

I hunt ducks, and I know how cagey they can be, but I wondered if one is able to buy Black ducks and raise them? That was my first thought as to why it remained close to me. I have no pond, but have 4 withing 500 yards so we always have ducks and geese around. My first hunch was that it was a captive bird gone wild but havent found anything regarding Black ducks sales.

Any guesses out there?
If you can get a picture or a good description more than likely we can tell you the exact breed
So do you think she is a domestic or an exotic? there are quite a few duck breeds that come in black, and most are decent flyers. Cayugas, calls, black eat indies, muscovys, runners - although runners and cayugas are not the best of flyers lol, runners dont normally even get off the ground so its unlikely to be that. What size is the bird? beak color? feet color(s)? any kind of irridescent sheen?
LOL..no it is an American Black duck
I know what it is, just did not know if they were able to be raised. I know Wood ducks and such are but have never run across Black ducks for sale.
Ahhhh, gotcha
Sorry lol, skimmed through it somewhat. Im sure that they can be captive bred and raised. A permit might be required of course especially where they are not native. Ive personally never owned a Black duck or anything in the exotic category but there are a ton of people on here that know what to do lol. I know there is a thread about ornamental and exotic waterfowl that you could probably try out and ask there
They arent exotics, most folks mistake them for a Mallard hen. We can only kill one during our hunting season per day so I know they arent huge in numbers. We have to make a dang good ID when shooting because they love to get that ticket book out!

This is a Black duck, Male I believe due to its bill color, but could be a Hen. The bill of the hen is more greenish then yellow.


I am hoping it makes a daily visit and im sure if it does it will eventually take my Mallards away LOL!
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So whats the difference between a black duck and a mallard?? I mean the head looks lighter compared to the body and the wing feathers look different but why call them a black duck if they arent really black? Do they originate from the mallard?
That photo isn't a black duck, it's a mottled duck.

You can purchase American black ducks. They're around $50 a pair. I have blacks and mottled ducks.

Clint you are correct, I took that picture in Florida! (FL has to many species LOL) I assumed I took it locally, I apologise.

Can you refer me to a seller or is it eggs only that are available? The only place I found was efowl and ive heard bad things. Next season I would prefer to raise a few of those versus the Mallards.
There are alot of breeders. Most do not sell eggs. One of the best bets is to check Dan Cowells boards at http://www.gbwf.org/phpBB3/index.php. You'll need the standard 3-186 with the pruchase and a Sales and Disposal Permit if you sell. I do not know what your state permit requirements are.


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