Uncooked Grits

Want Less

9 Years
Mar 24, 2010
New Bern, NC
Is it safe to feed chickens uncooked grits? I have a container that has bugs in it now, and I need to toss it. It's either the compost bin or the chickens... (my chickens are 11 weeks old if that makes any difference)

I was actually wondering that myself today.
You can feed it, but they may not be interested. No way to know but to try.

There is no food or feed cereal grain that is dangerous to feed to your poultry raw if it's not contaminated with something. That's all just urban legend.
I feed my girls grits every Sunday. It's my day to cook my famous breakfast and yes it comes with some good ole grits. Cooked southern style. Lol. And our girls love em!!! Never knew I could give em to em in cooked. Good to know

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