Under Weight Pullet?


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Mar 16, 2013
Gosh I'm so new to this whole chicken thing! I have a Black Australorp and a Barred Rock... I picked up my Barred and she just seemed kinda thin. I only really noticed it this week. Should i be concerned? They are both only around 13 weeks and i've heard the weight changes when they hit a grow spurt. The other one seems to be ok though. The Barred just seems to have her breast bone sticking way out and its really sharp. I think that's odd since they eat all day.

Any thoughts? Should i try and fatten her up? Or just wait and see what happens?

She's not lethargic or anemic in anyway and seems to be having a great time in my yard so i doubt she's sick. But again, i'm new, so i wouldn't know.

That is pretty far to have a breast bone sticking out. I would use poultry dust on the birds and coop just to make sure it isn't lice or mites. You can pick up a shaking container of it at any TSC for under $7. Repeat treatment in 7-10 days to get any eggs that hatched. Keep an eye on them and look them over everyday to see if something else pops up.
Some of mine are fatter than other but I can feel their breast bone when I hold any of them. Some more than others.
You're supposed to be able to feel that keel bone in chickens. The grocery store Cornish cross are way different than a dual purpose bird but we have that picture in our heads they're normal. If your birds are active and bright, you're good.

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