Under wing moulting and no eggs for 2 mos, thin shelled eggs before

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    Howdy folks,

    I have a barred rock that should be about 1 year old, maybe 1 yr 2 months. This summer in Texas it was hot and she started laying these really narrow, thin shelled eggs. About two months ago, my daughter picked her up and a soft, rubbery egg popped out of her and we've seen nothing since.

    I noticed her feathers around the coop and checked under her wings and it does appear she is moulting under her wings, but no where else I can see.

    I checked her pelvic bones and they are much closer than her sisters, but I am no expert. Since I got three hens for egg production and now only have two laying, I'm worried I got a bum hen. I love her like a pet, and want to help her get back to laying, but I am uncertain what to do.

    FYI-They eat organic feed mixed with egg shells or oyster shell. I frequently give them my leftover greens and grains. She seems healthy, active and totally in charge of my other two girls. She forages for bugs and has lots of access to my yard in the afternoons, and decent sized pen in the day. I think I've done right by her, but I can't seem to figure out what to do here. Vitamins, wait it out, protein, leave her be.

    Thanks for your advice.


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    Do you know the protein % of your feed mixture?? And how many "extras" does she get?
    With soft shelled eggs, all you can really do is make sure that they have calcium available, and it sounds like you did that. I would do away with any extras except for high protein foods. Protein is used for feather regrowth and egg production, which is why most molting hens don't lay eggs, or at least lay a lot less...their bodies simply don't have enough protein to do both jobs at the same time.
    MANY folks lose a lot of eggs over the winter even under normal circumstances. So I'd give her until Feb. or March to see whether she comes back or not. Now, if she doesn't, you may have another problem in deciding what to do with her.... [​IMG]

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