understanding roosters

Kuntry Klucker

12 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Tennesee Smoky Mts.
I have just one rooster right now while we are finishing the chicken coop construction. we will
be getting hens once we get the pen completed. When I walk back to the backyard where the
chicken coops are his wings are slightly raised from his body. not spread out but still tucked.
Is this chicken body language that i need to pay attention to or is he just hot and lifting his
wings away from his body to allow air under his wings. We live in Tennessee, it is 80-90's
and humid. We are new to the chicken hobby and are trying to learn some of the basics about
Yep, he's just hot--they cool themselves by lifting the wings like that. It lets the air get underheath. My hens do that too when it gets up into the 80s and very humid. I sometimes mist them with water and they just love it!
The other poster are right, IMO. He's just cooling. You can tell a nervous rooster. He's flapping his wings, once or twice, real hard. Hard enough to hear the snap when they hit his body.

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