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    I had almost perfect temps in my bator for the first 18 days (hovabator with turner, shipped eggs). All my eggs light enough to candle showed promise! I removed the turner and now my temps at the height of the eggs are low. I added two (for a total of FOUR thermometers, two with hygrometers) and they vary by 4 DEGREES in the bator. I'm at day 23, 22, 21 with when i put the eggs in and of 20 eggs, 3 are out and doing well, one pipped- partially zipped and was dead in the egg when I got home from work. One seems to have pipped but the membrane looks red and has been like that for 36 hours now (leaving it alone). Maybe one more pip this evening. No one is rocking and rolling. No peeping in the bator, took the chicks out (had a humidifier running directly into the bator for this) and increased my humidity (I think I was LOW) and now it's reading 60 ish on both hygrometers with prob a full cup of water added to the wells and me misting the eggs upon closure of the bator.
    I have at least one viable (still has veins) day 23 egg, did not candle all of them because I wanted to minimize the opening. Others are all Marans so I can't see crap in them and they are on day 21 and 20. I don't expect much from the day 20 ones.

    I just had to share my pain. The last hatch of chickens I did several years ago and had a greater than 60% hatch rate with all shipped eggs and my old roll a bator. My brother has had great luck with this styro, but I think I'm done. I'm taking that old one to an electrician and begging to fix it....

    Wish me luck. Any advice is appreciated.

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