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    Jun 2, 2012
    I was given these two lil rescues and i have no idea the breed or what to do with them. Our 3yr mini farm plan had been to have 2 fiber bunnies (one male one female) and then 2 meat breeders and a buck for them. Anyway.....these two bunnies were left to die after the owners got bored of their pets. So we now have 2 pretty lil gals but i need help. They did come with a hutch and a half bag of food.

    What breed are they?
    Do they need a run?
    Can i put them in cages in our new chicken shed when its built? My thought being that the chickens will scratch the bunnynure and it wont smell so much.
    Um any other thoughts and advice?
    Pics of how you keep your rabbits (especially in an urban setting) would be great.

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    The breed is Mini Rex. If they get along, a cage/hutch of about 24" x 36" would be enough space for both of them - though of course more space wouldn't hurt. This is a breed that often gets pressure sores on their feet from the wire, so it's a good idea to have a flat surface (a "sitting board") in their cages so they can give their feet a break. They are little piggies, too, so you want to limit the pellets to about half a cup per rabbit per day, for the sake of their health. Mini Rex have amazingly sharp claws, which seem to grow very fast, so I'd suggest getting a claw clipper and learn how to use it soon. I have no problem with letting the chickens scratch in the stuff under the hutch/cage - I have had that arrangement myself in the past (though rabbit manure is amazing stuff in the garden! You don't even have to compost it.[​IMG])
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    I agree with Bunny lady on this one we use and sell our rabbit manure we sell it to a guy who has a worm farm and we use it for our garden and we use it around the barnyard for other things
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