Unexpected chicks!


Life is good...
9 Years
May 16, 2014
So, I just hatched 8 silkie cross chicks, some are standard in size. There are several more in various stages of incubation (staggered hatch).
I am having a horrible time finding any buyers for them. The few that I had lined up, backed out. I am planning on keeping two. If all hatch as expected (they all look great so far), I will have 21 chicks! They are unexpected in that I did not foresee having problems selling them.
My question is, how many can comfortably be in a 4 x 6 foot tractor (with heat) until 6 weeks of age? If I can not sell them soon, I am thinking of trying again off heat, after the holidays, as many people do not wish to brood them themselves.
Thanks for any input! 😊
I use the tractor now for my big girls to get out in the grass and eat bugs. I usually put three or four in there at a time for only a couple hours at a time so 21 in that space does seem like a lot.😊
Sounds like the tractor size is perfectly fine to me, just keep it clean. As long as the ages are within a month or so you should have no issues with the different ages (just be careful when you put the day olds in with anything over a week they may get trampled). I use some kind of real basic thing to separate them (cardboard, whatever) until the day olds are at least big enough they can move instead of get walked on.
So far they’re doing great! Hoping to sell off the older ones before I need to put them all together but we will see! Right now I have two day old chicks in with 11 day olds and they are fine.😊

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