Unexpected Death of Rooster


11 Years
Jan 18, 2009
Our 2-3 year old Buff Orpington Rooster just "dropped dead" this afternoon. He had been wandering around all day just as normal, has been eating, acting perfectly normal, no apparent unusual stools, comb and wattles nice and red...mounting the hens 20 times a day as usual....our chickens free range all day everyday wherever they want to go around the farm, get scratch grains and some layer pellets or sometimes grower pellets when they steal from the pullets. Have no idea what might have happened, we just found him keeled over on his face out on the lawn, no injuries, no ruffled feathers....any idea what might have caused this?
Belmont, NY
So sorry for your loss. I am not sure why he died but i hope someone else can help. Welcome to BYC, I am sorry it is under these circumstances.
But I'm sorry your very first post has to be about such a sad occurance.

When something like this happens in my flock I have to think it was something bad that they ate, that killed them very quickly.

I don't know if you should try & open him up, don't know what you should look for. Don't know if it would be advisable to have him professionally necropsied. I hope wiser members will chime in soon.
My husband said he thought maybe the rooster had a heart attack also.....we didn't know if this was something that happened to chickens though, I suppose any animal could have a hidden heart problem though and die unexpecredly. We sure will miss him, he was a real easy going guy, liked to check in on what you were doing throughout the day and just watch for a while before continuing on about his business.
Belmont, NY

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