Unhappy ducks :(


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Jul 7, 2013
I have four female Khaki Campbells. Two is only three/four months old therefore they're not laying at the moment.

My two older ducks, one is brown (Elma) and one is white (Dolly)

Elma is Laying an egg a day.

Dolly on the other hand isn't. She is extremely protective of the other ducks and keeps them in line. Elma can get bossy to the young ducks and Dolly always steps in to sort things out.

I don't think Dolly is settling in well even though it's been several months since I've had them. She is constantly alert and watches my door to see who is going in and out.

I'm worried Dolly is not happy as the other ducks are always digging and playing.

what can i do to ensure that Dolly, as well as the others are as happy as they can be?

thank you in advance for all your comments and suggestions/advice
Little Bo Peep
In all flocks regardless of the species certain individuals take on the guard status. Ever watched a flock of Canada geese feeding on a lawn? Notice how there are always several on alert while the others feed.

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