unknown breed of a rescued hen


6 Years
Sep 27, 2013
perth WA

Hello all..I'm back in BYC after a long time.hope y'all guys are doing fine.by the way,I rescued a hen from a nasty owner and I'm unsure of what breed it is.can anyone help?thanks in advance guys.
This is just a guess- Rhode Island Red. A friend of mine had some hatchery RIR pullets and they looked very much like your rescued girl. It is great she is is now going to have a good life in a happy home.
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I see..thanks guys.. one more qns..it's been more than month since I got her..and she hasn't been laying a single egg at all..I suspect it's too old to lay..any other opinions guys?
I really have no idea.when I rescued her from her mean owner,she had much damaged and soiled feathers and her legs were very dirty.she had that thing on her eye ever since I got her.

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