I hope you were joking?

The microwave is great for cooking your eggs ( a bit rubbery for me ) but incubating chicken eggs takes 21 days of specific temps, humidity, and turning that cannot be met with a microwave. I suggest you do a bit more reading on this wonderful site. Check out some of the incubating threads.

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You could turn a microwave oven into a bator. You should remove the control panel and anything that might make the oven operational as a microwave oven first. Then you would need to add a means to control temperature and a safe heat source. Also you will need to add humidity, and a method of turning the eggs.
Cute. post some stuff under pictures and stories of my chickens section. How many chickens do you have? What breeds? What did they do today?
You would end up with an Omelet.
The 'oven' part of a microwave is a well-insulated box. I think it could be converted into an incubator without problems. The electronics (esp the magnetron) would need to be removed, but the freed space could be repurposed to house incubator essentials.
LOL! Why not just say something in a foreign language no one will understand? That way nobody will have a heart attack at the thought of little chicks being boiled alive in a microwave!

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