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The ChickenKing

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Jun 24, 2014
It's been three years since the humans left, and we've thrived, for some the humans leaving was a blessing, others a death sentence. But for the survivors life isn't easy, ever since the earthquake when the humans left, something else has come; A green ooze that pollutes our water and slowly and painflly kills any who are foolish enough to drink it. And that's not all, some humans are coming back, but not the ones that'll give you scraps and rub your belly, ones with yellow hides, and no faces who capture unlucky dogs, who are then never seen again. This is our story. Will you be a part of it?

Welcome to Unleashed!
This is a world in which there are no humans, and dogs rule the wild. In this RP you are a dog in a pack, or a loner, you've either been away from humans all your life, or are just learning to live without them. Either way you'll have to survive.

~ Absoloutely NO copying this RP.
~ Me, @Frindizzle , and @DarthLayer are the controllers of this thread- what we say goes
~ No Role Playing until your form has been accepted
~ You can have as many charries as you like, but for the sake of other RPers please keep track of them all

~ No major plot twists without my permission
~ No swearing, innapropiate acts or words, and please, not too gory!
~ Your dogs can have puppies, but under no condition may you go into any detail
If your dog's in a fight, one blow per post please
~ Also, in a fight your dog can only dodge one out of every four blows
~ Please no out of RP fighting, but if you have to, please do it through PMs
~ Be realistic. A dog can't 'instantly' heal from any injury, and neither can one dog take down a fully grown bear or deer, etc.
~During a timeskip, I will post the amount of time skipped in bold

~I'll accept wolf/dog hybrids, or coyote/dog hybrids
~To get a higher rank within the pack, your charrie must make a challenge, in which the victor of the fight either keeps their rank or switches with the loser
~During a timeskip, I will post the amount of time skipped in Big Bold Letters
Have fun!

Alpha- One in a pack. They are the ruler of the pack, and is usually mates with the beta if they are opposite gender, they eat first.

Beta- One in a pack. They are the second in command, and re-enforce the pack rules, often is the mate of the alpha if they're of opposite gender, they eat second.

Hunters- As many in a pack. They are the providers of food for the pack, they are higher in rank then the patrol dogs, they eat third.

Patrol Dogs- As many in a pack, they mark the borders, patrol them, and report back of any trouble, they are higher in rank than the omega, they eat fourth. All pups start out pack life as patrol dogs.

Omega- One in a pack. They are the lowest ranking dog, and eat last, they also eat the least amount of food. They are often the one to suffer first in a famine etc. New dogs are usually introduced as the omega until they challenge for a higher rank.

Pups: As many in a pack. They are the future of the pack, and should be protected at all costs. They are given first priority when it comes to food, and will have some set aside for them by their mothers. No longer considered pups until one year of age, they enter pack life as patrol dogs. They must also choose their pack name, which replaces their puppy name.

Loner- A dog with no pack. They aren't always in the best condition, having to hunt smaller prey on their own if they don't pair up with another dog, or join a pack or other dogs who are forming together for a hunt.

Challenging: A challenge occurs when a dog in lower rank challenges a dog from a higher rank to a fight, if the challenger wins then they take the losers rank, but if the challenged wins, then both dogs keep their rank.

Naming ceremonies: When a pup reaches a year of age, they get to choose their pack name, it must be on a full moon, and the pup and alpha must eat a white rabbit after the naming.

Maroon: Junkyard
Gray: City
Tan & Brown: Beach & Boardwalk
Green: Forest
Saddle Brown: Suburban/Farmland, contested over by City Pack and Forest Pack
Light Blue: Rivers and Lakes
Blue: Ocean


Junkyard Pack: These dogs have been here for a while, unknowingly used as guard dogs by the owners of the property, and hunt the smaller creatuers that live here also, but are oppurtunistic, and aren't always together, but always sleep generally close together at night for safety. Since they have the smallesthey will often cross borders to hunt. They are a fierce pack, willing to fight for what they want, and aren't afraid to kill for it.

City Pack: The dogs here have only formed rather recently, gaining new members often in the form of pets, left behind by their owners during the earthquake, the dogs who originally formed the pack are strays, and they teach the domestic ones how to survive, they are nomadic, never staying in one part of the city for too long.They are often in heated contest for the rral lands with Forest Pack. These dogs eat whatever they can find, and are almost always together, as they have to be in the dangerous streets and alleyways. They are in heated contest over the rural lands with Forest Pack.

Boardwalk Pack: The dogs in this area are the most recent pack, only moving here because it was the closest and only available area, with not much food, they have learned to make due with what they have, scavenging mostly but also hunting seagulls and other animals they find on the sandy beach shores. The boardwalk used to be much bigger, but the aftershocks have destroyed much of it, taking dogs with it into the frigid, unforgiving waves.

Forest Pack: The dogs that make the forest their home are truly wild; having very little human interaction and are only mildly aware of what goes on in the city, but some of the city is coming to them.They are usually fighting over control of the rural area with City Pack. In the forest they hunt deer and other forest creatures, as they have done for generations.

Link to the Character Page:
~Unleashed~ Character Page

Link to the OOC Chat Thread:
~Unleashed~ OOC Chat Thread

Joining Form:

User Name:
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Name: Brutus
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Breed: BullMastiff
Pack: Junkyard
Rank: Alpha
Mate: Beta
Pups: None yet
History: He took over the pack from his deceased father and is now the alpha
Personality: Strong, fiery, stubborn, strict, rules with order, banishes or kills weak pack members, doesn't like outsiders

User Name: The ChickenKing

Age: 3 months
Gender: Female
Rank: pup
Mate: none
Pups: none
History: She had been wandering the streets as a lone pup since her mother and siblings died from coyotes, she recently found City pack
Personality: Excitable, shy at first, loves to run, hunt, and explore, nippy, hot tempered, frustrated easily, stubborn, smart, brave, but knows her limits, a bit of a scaredy cat sometimes though

User Name: The ChickenKing
Other: (This is actually my little girl, Sugar :D)

Name: Rex
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Pack: City
Rank: Alpha
Pups: none?
History: He was a lone dog until he and a few other dogs made the city pack two years ago
Personality: Kind, smart, funny, fast thinker, loyal, a good talker, and a very fast dog, but not always a good decision maker

User Name: The ChickenKing
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(I would maybe wait and see if all the other packs fill up first
(Alright:) )
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