Unstable 1.5 month old chick - PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!


May 28, 2020
Hi! I have a 1.5 month old wyandotte chick who seems to not be able to balance whatsoever. She was completely fine a few days ago and then suddenly she just could not stay on het feet. She has the strength to push herself off her feet but just rolls around after. She seems happy and wants to eat and drink water but just can’t walk or move anywhere. We thought that maybe she has injured her foot jumping around but can’t tell whether she has or not. Please help because we really don’t want to lose her!
Do you know if she has been vaccinated for Mareks? Have you checked her feet for any signs of foot problems?
I would also get some B complex tablets (regular-not time release) grind up and give 1/2 a tablet daily mixed in some moistened feed. Also some vitamin E (400 iu) with a bit of cooked egg or tuna for selenium to help the uptake of the E. There are many possible causes, but vitamin deficiencies can have some odd neuromuscular symptoms and are not uncommon. If vitamins don't give you any improvement, then you won't have done any harm. If she's having trouble staying upright then you can use a chicken sling or chick chair for periods to help her stay upright, but supervise, some don't react well and you don't want her to hurt herself.




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