unusual amount of poop


11 Years
Sep 12, 2008
I recently purchased 4 new hens they are about six months old, they came from a very large flock of about 32 hens. They act healthy have red waddles and combs they lay everyday, but my only problem is they seem to eat constantly I know all chickens eat constantly but these girls eat alot of grain and they are not a big breed .. Their poop is not real firm and at night underneath the roost there are piles of it....I have 3 other hens that I raised from chicks and they poop is normal but the new girls have piles of it I don't see any worms in it and sometimes it is very runny. I give them yogurt they also free range a few hours during the day. When they get off their roost in the morning they run straight to the feeder and eat like their starving!!!! I've had them for about a month and the poop problem hasn't changed.
Does not sound abnormal to me. Many on here use poop boards under the roosts because you can collect about half the day's poop that way.

Chickens do not digest milk well. A little yogurt is good as it adds probiotics, but I would not give a lot, maybe a tablespoon per chicken, once or twice a week.
The kind of feed you're feeing can make a difference too. Poorer quality feed often translates into more poo also. If it has a lot of fillers that their bodies can't make use of that means more in one end and more out the other!!

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