Unusual color - what is it? - *Updated pics of barring pg 2*


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Jan 24, 2010
Northeast Florida
This little cockeral has me stumped. He was born blue. Now, he's showing barring AND odd orange spots along his back. What on earth is this color? He's around 10 weeks.

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The roo was a crele project bird (not a true crele) and the hen was solid black. This cockeral isn't black. He's blue, but has the added barring and now the odd orange spots that have started to come in the last few weeks (but the first few weeks he was just a solid blue).
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He IS a variation of sex-link Crele is considered barred and anytime you cross a barred male on a solid female (if I remember right) you get sex-link offspring. So he will be an odd color but could turn out to be very attractive.
thank you for the correction farmerchef I knew it was a barred and a solid. I do agree that the crele must have been carrying blue and the red is bleeding through.
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Actually, you have to cross a barred hen with a gold male to get a black sex link - BR hen with RIR or NewHamp roo, etc. When the red gene is on the hen's side you just get bleed through (as the OPs chook has)


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