Unusual Hip, Crooked Tail.


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Nov 29, 2020

So I have a hen that I have really noticed in the past month have quite an unusual Hip bone and crooked tail. She was bought from a breeder with three other chicks as day olds. They were the first batch we hand raised and while the other three have no issues, the Wyandotte seems to have a quirky step. She is about 33 weeks now, seems healthy, eats, drinks and toilets all fine. Haven't been able to confirm if she is laying yet though.

I probably noticed she had a crooked tail when she was maybe round 20 weeks, but didn't think to much of it. It wasn't until later that the tail curved much more and was quite noticeable. About a month ago while patting her I realised her right hip bone is quite enlarged, high or swollen. The left hip isn't very visible nor can I really feel it either. Finding this out, is when I noticed the way she stands lopsided with one leg forward and the other back most of the time and walks with a very slight limp, like the right leg is too long.

I came across wry tail and that seemed to explain her tails appearance yet nothing about her unusual raised hip. And I don't know if it's serious or would get worse. She doesn't seem in pain but the hip has been getting larger like it's growing.

Any advice or help would be great, and I am also including pictures of the tail and what you can kinda see of her right hip being raised.


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I had a rooster once who had wry tail, but I don’t know a lot about it other than it is genetic. There are defects in the spine as well that may affect the backbone.


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Nov 29, 2020
Yes, I did read up a little. I thought her wry tail if that's it, was causing her unusual hips, the tail curved left with the right hip being the raised hip. But defects in the spine was something I thought of, I just find it strange. I am considering taking her to the vet as I have no clue, but wanted to see if anyone has heard or seen this and could give me better clarification of what it is or causing it.

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