Unusually Skittish Chicken

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    So we have 7 chickens in all, one of which is a Jersey Giant. She is usually very laid back and sweet, none of the other chickens seem to mess with her and she doesn't mess with them. Shes not at the top of the pecking order but usually has a confidant look. However, she has been molting the past couple weeks and has been VERY skittish. She seems very scared of all of the other chickens (including one that is blind in one eye and usually gets picked on) and when I pick her up she squawks like I'm hurting her or something (usually she just sits there). She has also lost some weight and she acted like she was starving this morning when I offered her some food.

    Basically what I am wondering is if she is just acting this way because she is molting and/or if I should be concerned?

    There is also another one, a Minorca (I think), that is molting and she has also lost a lot of weight. Should I separate them until they gain it back?
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    Quote:Chickens may feel uncomfortable or it even hurts.My hen would run cackle whenever I picked her up.

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