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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by BickeringToast, Mar 10, 2013.

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    So my little 4-pack of ducklings are 2 weeks old (give/take a day). It has been quite the learning experience but we seem to have the care of Duckapolis down to a routine...

    Since day 2 they have been in a large guinea pig cage measuring 47in long x 23in wide x 20in tall (the pan part is about 7in deep). I have been using Sweet PDZ granular as bedding and it remains pretty simple with clean-up since it scoops just like kitty litter. Down at the swimming watering end of the cage I use a puppy pad with some uncolored carefresh on top and some pdz sprinkled over. Not one duckling has ever threatened to eat the PDZ but the ducklings thought for sure the carefresh was some new and fabulous food. Once I sprinkle the PDZ over it they decided to give up the carefresh in hopes of getting a tastier treat :). They have a hanging waterer (deep enough for all beak washing) which seems to have helped cut down on the wet but I am going to try 'MimiEggs' water station suggestion tomorrow.

    I had been keeping the brooder in an unused office just off the living room-it had french doors and made it easy to keep nosy dogs from investigating. I wasn't happy with the temp in the room so all of Duckapolis was moved to our Master Bath 7 days ago. It has a heated floor when needed, 2 heat lamps and an extra large tub for swimming :) The 4-pack has been having daily swims since last Sunday. If a swim hasn't happened by about 1 or 2 in the afternoon they all face the tub and commence a vocal riot! Every other day they waddle around the floor afterwards and mob me for a treat (either hard boiled egg that has been through food processor or some thawed green peas). They definitely think that tub is there just for them...


    I think they are forming a synchronized swimming (or itching) team...


    I still wonder what breed Mose (black) and Daphne (yellow) are. Any suggestions?

    This is Daphne. She is a little larger that the others, not by much, has a dusting of black/brown on her head and body and her feet are NOT at all orange as they appear in this pic. She is also quite a bit friendlier than her buddies....


    Now Mose is black from beak to foot. I have not noticed any colored sheen on his head but he is definitely darker that the 2 Khaki Campbells and is very slightly smaller than the other 3...


    And did I forget to say they are all GIANT now...a mere 10 days later?? [​IMG]

    Thanks to all for any suggestions!
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    Mose looks like a cayuga, but Daphne *might* be a blue Swedish afterall.
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    You can just about hear them grow, can't you?

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