UPDATE! broody off eggs all day on day 17/18--crossing fingers...


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Mar 28, 2009
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came home from work and found FCBM broody had been spooked off nest of Black Java and olive egger eggs...and flew OVER a 4.5 ft hardwire cloth pen i had fixed up for her inside the coop. one of her eggs was broken and fully formed babe was dead. once she got up and over she didn't know how to get back in.
when i saw her out with the othrs in the yard i was heartbroken...my first broody hatch ruined, i thought. i have no way of knowing how long she was off but the eggs were cold. could have been 7 hrs or 1 hour or anywhere in between. temps here were in the 70s yesterday.

i put her back in praying she was still broody and she took right to them. that was yesterday...day 17 for half the eggs, day 18 for the other half the clutch. worried about them all night and decided to candle this morning. pulled random 4 of 11 left and candled...saw movement in 2.

!!!! hoping this means i have several babies still alive....

will update as we start to hatch. i know she may be delayed in hatching them now.
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update...she had 11 eggs. one was bad (liquid sloshing inside) and i threw it out. of the remaining ten, six have hatched and two are well pipped. so don't worry too much about a broody getting locked out of the nest for several hours in springtime weather, at least in the south! didn't even seem to slow these down much...2 hatched on day 19/20 (half the clutch was set on each day, 24 hours apart) and the other 6 today (day 20/21). i still have hope for two others as well, tomorrow (day 21 for them).

Pictures! We want pictures!

So glad to hear they can be off the nest for a few hours and everything is okay. Must've driven mama crazy not being able to get back to her eggs!
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