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  1. hatboy

    hatboy Hatching

    Jul 21, 2014
    Coventry, England
    Just an update to obtain some feedback from you all.
    From the pic above you can see I have started to add a path to make collecting the eggs and gaining access to the run and coop easier and cleaner,It is from loose bricks I have collected over the past months. The girls seem to enjoy it and it will be made larger as I forage more materials.
    Welcome to the perching palace the girls all love to hang around on or under this. This was knocked up in a matter of minutes using branches from an old tree that was in the way of extending our driveway.
    This is what we have named the Bear Grills bug hut. The frame is made from a load of old branches left over from the perching tree and then covered with the hedge trimmings from the front garden.
    Once the pathways are finished I am going to fill in the gaps between them with different materials such as bark chipping in one sand in another etc so it should become a patchwork of chicken delight.
    I hope you like what I am doing.
  2. Outpost JWB

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    Mar 31, 2014
    Looks very nice!
  3. EmtheFishLady

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    Jan 13, 2011
    Glen, MS
    Very cool. Love the perching palace.[​IMG]

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