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    Aug 4, 2009
    We have been having dramas here!

    First - phone and internet have been out for almost 2 weeks......hence my radio silence.

    Second - Managed to get 4 black silkie babies hatched on monday/tuesday but had to help all of them out of shell as membrane thick and papery.......two perfect, one splayed legs and one very oddly shaped head.....become an amateur vet....splited splayed legged chick....now fine and funny head is holding its own - yay!

    Third - My broody who was sitting on 3 big orpington eggs.....checked on her yesterday (day 20) and she was absolutely covered in red mites.....gag! So, had to move the eggs into the bator, broody sprayed and in a clean box in the house (dh says we are now out numbered by hens in the house and it is not good!)

    NOW I am waiting for the orpington eggs to hatch....it is day 21 and they are rocking but nothing else yet......cross your fingers for me

    Ps - I am hoping that the black silkies and the orps (if they hatch) will all go to the broody (once de-red mited) to make a happy but rather odd looking family.

    Any experiences of splited legs, odd heads and crazy hatches welcomed here!! [​IMG]
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    when it hatched share us pics [​IMG]


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