*Update* Hen died & left puddle under beak. Diagnosis?


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I posted earlier this morning about my hen dying. She died in a box in my bathroom 2 minutes after I brought her in from the coop. A little while later I went into the bathroom and where the box was... was a small puddle. I checked the box & the box was wet too. Light brown colored watery liquid... Anyone encountered this before? Also, I have to clue why she died. (Again, see my other post from this morning). Thanks to anyone who'll respond.
I wish I could help, but all I can say is sorry for your loss.
Sounds like a crop issue. Impacted or sour and the contents couldn't go through her digestive system. Was she extremly thin?
Yes, she was very thin. I only noticed how thin she was yesterday when I picked her up. She still looked great with bright eyes. She went downhill so fast.
I'm not an expert but I think a problem with her crop caused her death. She couldn't digest her food, got weak and passed away. Keep an eye on your other chickens and make sure they have chicken grit available 24/7.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

I'm in NH also.
I'm not sure what you saw would necessarily indicate sour crop. What the liquid you saw most likely indicates is relaxation of the sphincter muscles of the crop and rectum. There could have been many reasons for loss of weight, and excessive thirst? Anexoria, with thirst? What else did you notice about her?

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