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Jan 18, 2008
Conway SC
coming from the bator.Day 20 is not until Saturday so i don't know what the deal is.My temps have been fine and have not spiked that I know of.I can tell that one egg has a pip so far so I may be doing chicks tonight.

On another note I don't think little spur is going to make it.It doesn't look promising but that's part of life with chickens.So I have mixed emotions right now.The end of one life and the start of another.

6:45 pm

I have 4 chicks and 2 more pips.Tonight starts day 21 so LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEE!!!!!
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Sure thing.BTW I just went and got little spur out of his cage and to see how he was doing and he drank some more water for me and he ate one mouthful of feed which he hasn't wanted at all.Maybe it's not time to give up.
hope your little guy makes it. I have pips here on day 19. I even had one yesterday and it didn't make it out of the shell. My temps have been perfect as well, so no clue what's going on. Any insight would be great.
I have been thinking all along that Sunday was day 21 but after a recount I believe Saturday will be day 21 which makes Friday day 20 of course.The couple I hatched out in December, two hatched on day 20 and the rest hatched right on cue, day 21.I only have 3 pips out of 27 eggs and they are in the very center of the bator which may have something to with it.It's always a little warmer in the center so maybe those will hatch on day 20 and the rest will be day 21.It's exciting so pull up a chair and grab your
and watch the
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I'm trying the egg carton hatch so will the chicks make it out of the carton when they hatch or will they need help?
From what i have read they can jump out on their own.Good luck and let me know how the egg carton works cuz i think im gonna try it too.
I will and just to let you know it looks like 5 of your eggs are set to hatch.I can't wait to see what they will look like as well as the other ones from my pen.I hope to have a bator full of pretty fuzzy mutt butts.

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