Update: I think duckling has a foot problem. How to treat it? *pics*


10 Years
Jul 15, 2009
One of my ducklings has a problem with its left leg. I don't know if it happened when the male got him or if it happened on its own. I am not sure if it is a slipped tendon or spraddle leg.

When he stands he leans to the right and puts all of his weight to the right and both legs are under him. While he is walking he kind of hops on the right not trying to put pressure on the left leg. When he swims he only uses his right leg, the left one just sticks out to the back.

Does all of this sound like a spraddle or slipped tendon? If you know how to treat it them please tell. The only thing I know of is the bandaid the legs together.

ETA: I think it is now a foot problem. The rest of the info is in the lower posts.
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The fact that he isnt using the leg when swimming is what concerns me- with splay leg- they have full use and movement in the leg. Can you pick him up and try to gently stretch the leg out and bend it - seeing if it causes discomfort or pain in any way?? Could be an issue with the hock or hip from what you have described.

Any chance of a photo of the leg??? It could just be bruised- Is there any swelling at all??
A dog got one of my mutt ducklings last year for a few seconds. When he let it go the ducklings one leg was stretched out behind him. If you lifted him up, the leg would just swing or rotate like it wasn't even connected. We ended up having to put it down
He chirps his head off so I couldn't tell if I was hurting him or not.
He never jerked it out of my hand though.
Here are some pics. This is how he holds it

Compared to the other...nothing is swollen or larger then the other leg

I couldn't get a pic of him standing but he stands with it under him.
It kind of looks to me more like it is the actual foot- Cant see anything worrying about the hock there- but the middle toe- especeilly up the top of the foot looks to be swollen. Maybe its just the photo- but it looks that way to me.
That is what I thought. The leg is the same compared to the other leg. The only difference is the foot. He hold it together like that, like it is hurt. My hubby wanted to put him back outside with the others. When we let him down he can walk a few steps then falls over, then a few more steps then falls over.

What should I do? Put him in the broody inside to keep a close eye on him. All of the ducklings are outsiode with mamma now and they spend most of the day in the pond. They get out a couple of times to eat but most of the time they are floating. So I don't know what would be better to have him inside or outside. He is my favorite.
Ok I took more pics.
sitting (looks fine)


trying to compare the two ( doesn't hold the foot flat)




I hope someone knows what I can do.
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I had a little duckling hatch with two clenched up feet- I put little foam sticky pads on the underside of the foot to keep it flat- and the little one was soon walking properly- I think from what you have described - the foot ( Or mabe even the hip?? ) could be causing some pain- hence the falling over. In the photo of him sitting down- the foot looks to be spread out- With mine- his feet were always cleched- So Although taping the foot flat may help- it may need some other treatment as well. Being brown skined- it makes it a little harder to see- but check his foot for any splinters- or anything imbedded in the skin. Also can you feel around the hip joint to see if there is anything not quite right in that area.

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