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    I have been watching *this hen* lay in the next box all morning!!! For the last 3-4 hours, I hear an egg song and head out. I am still very fascinated (better word than addicted) by the hens laying. I have 13 hens and I know that 7 of them are laying. So, every time I go out, this SLW is laying there. I tried peeking under her at on point and I don't think there were any eggs there. So, 4 hours later, she is finally off the nest.
    Here is what I found. So, I either have a super layer or I can't tell my chickens apart. Which do you think it is? (be nice)
    eta: If you would judge colors, would this be three brown eggs or is there a shade of pink in there? (hopefully typing!)
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    [​IMG] you have more than one hen laying in the same box. Do what I do when I want to know which girl is which, I use a plastic zip tie in different colors on my hens. I also have one on a nice roo that I want to keep out of 8 look alike buff orpingtons. Make it loose so their leg can grow into it. If it gets small then cut it off and replace with a bigger one.
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    We are down to one laying hen at the moment. I head out to the barn every morning after I hear her "egg call of doom". For the past week she has given us two- three eggs a day. No clue why. I know she's the only one in the box. In fact I moved her into a stall to isolate her in the morning. sure enough, the're all hers!
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    the edge of insanity
    Ok. figured it out. It was just ONE hen, but then other hens would join her in the box and lay their eggs too! [​IMG]

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    Quote:2-3 eggs a day? My understanding is that one hen can lay 1 egg per day and sometimes 2, but never 3 on a regular basis. You must have other productive layers that sneak in quick and make their deposit.

    What breed of super layer do you have?

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    An egglaying party- whoohoo! [​IMG]

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