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    OK, so I took the baby to a wonderful vet in Conover (if anyone around these parts needs one) and she said Nugget has a primary upper resapiratory infection- which I knew thanks to you guys and the organism chart! The bad thing is she developed a secondary yeast in her mouth/ throat- and that's why it is sooooo swollen and rotten/sweet smelling. A chicken gets Thrush??? Oh my, I still have much to learn. So- mixing grains w/ Pediasure, Pedialyt for drink, and she is on 2 antibiotics and Nystatin. She still cannot cluck, but she tries and she is eating with gusto. Hope this helps someone else. She would have died had I treated the resp. inf. b/c of the Thrush. The vet did the gram staining and cytology and so could make a definitive diagnosis. Vet bill- $100. Nugget-priceless to me and my children.

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    I am very happy that Nugget is going to survive.

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