Update on Big Momma and the Seramas...


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
West Virginia
Ok, Big Momma, my Black Jersey Giant broody hen, hatched out two Seramas. It was not her fault there were not more. In fact, I had to remove the other eggs to get her off the nest. I think she would have set there forever.

Anyway, Big Momma has two little Seramas hiding around her big feet, and she just loves them, and is clucking around the nursery--cluck cluck cluck cluck--and terrorizing everyone else in there.

She likes me, I guess, because she doesn't attack me when I come near her, but WOE to anyone or anything else anywhere near.

She keeps digging huge holes in the litter to find them food. Not but what there isn't plenty of food which I put out, but apparently she likes to dig for it.

If anyone gets near her, she swells up into WAY bigger than she already is, which is pretty big.

I had doubts about whether to let such a big broody hatch Serama chicks, but I figured that she couldn't do any worse than I have with my incubator, so I thought I would let her have a chance. I just wish she had a few more to follow her about.


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