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    Sep 10, 2008
    First I want to thank the people who answered my last two post.I took her to one of the only three bird vets in tennessee, Brandon Dixon DVM in Hendersonville TN.First he gave her a calcium dose,then he was going to try and work with the egg and get it out.I was in total agreement with this.Then his second choice was to colapse the egg with needle and remove shell parts.I was against this method and told him not to do it,I told him to lance the membrane,let the whole egg out,sew it back up if possible.He agreed to this at our 1;30 phone call.I called back at 3;00 and was told by the girl out front he had colapsed the egg with needle and had removed most of the shell fragments and for me to pick her up at 4,30 and he would try to remove the rest of the shell before I showed up.When I got there Brandon informed me that not only had he not removed any of the shell,told me upon colapsing the egg with needle that it went up in her and he could not find it,and then he told me he found another egg further up in her,he broke this one to,so she could pass this one .This is so wrong,as far as I and concerned he signed her death warrant.She had a really tough time upon ariving home,but finally late last night I got her to eat and drink a little,then a little color returned,she started talking and purring a little.Kept her in my lap until bedtime,then made her a spot on the couch beside me,she is a very loving creature.When I woke up this morning she was up on my chest asleep and panting very hard.When i picked her up the bleeding had began to start.As I type this she is in her box in front of me laying down,she will not eat,will not talk to to me.I do not think she will make it .I will put her down if she gets to having to much pain.I hope she passes in her sleep.I am sorry for this sad post,will keep yall informed of the outcome.All who read this with sick birds should be very careful about who's advise you believe,and of the vet you might use.There is a correct answer to most any problem you have on this website after you wade thru some of the bullcrap.Thursday night when this started happening I had everything layed out to lance the membrane,but took someone's advice that she would be better at the vets,WRONG.Had I done this I could have cut a artery or had other problems,but then she would have bleed out and had a far better death than bleeding and full of shell fragments.thanks again for all those who tried to help me. DON
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    oh Don, I am SO sorry to hear the outcome. That vet had NO right to override your decision. I would have contested the bill, and gone small claims on your loss, which can be substantial if you add up cost, future lost income. I hope she makes it, but it sounds pretty bleak. [​IMG]
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    I will comfort until she needs to be put to sleep,the bleeding is starting to pick up.I also called the bank and stoped payment on the check first thing this morning.If anyone knows anything I can do to help her please respond. DON
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    [​IMG] to you and your bird. We'll all be thinking about you.
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    I'm so sorry she is hurting and I hope that somehow she will pull through this.
    If you have someone who can pick up Rescue Remedy from a health food store or wells tocked pharmacy and put a drop or two in her water it may help her with stress right now. I'm sorry that it's the weekend - I know it is hard to reach other vets for advice. Wonderful Peter Brown maybe - First State Vet Supply.
    [​IMG] JJ
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    I'm so sorry you and she are going through this..very sad [​IMG]

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