Update On Sick Duck ( Questions)


11 Years
Dec 8, 2008
Waco, Texas
I took Amy in today for check up after taking her in last friday because of her breathing..
Dr. said her lungs were clear and heart was good.. I still have 8 days on first bottle of antibiotic and he gave me another bottle to start her on after this ones gone..
He said I may have to bring her in the house this summer when tempts get to 90 degrees. and then in winter when it gets really bad..
I mentioned this to hubby and he's not going to go for it..

My question is.. Have any of ya'll had ducks with upper respertory infections.. and if so did they get over them to where they could stay out side year found after they were over it.. and did you have any trouble with them getting it again???
Is Vet giving me the worst case cinero
Thanks for you input
In October my drake had a respiratory infection, I took him to an avian vet at the vet school. He got antibiotics and I didn't get any warnings about him needing to come in the house. It got well below zero a few time this winter and he is fine, I hope he will be OK this summer too.
That's good Amy is feeling better.

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